The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

Advertising on the Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

Visitor traffic to nursery web sites is very valuable. Many nurseries who have been with us a long time have seen very large increases in their business. I am therefore reluctant to provide these free to nurseries who do not support us. However it is important for people browsing our system to be able to find any particular nursery. To solve this dilemma I have deliberately put the free links for nurseries on low traffic pages. I have achieved this by having two levels of nursery list pages. Nurseries who host websites or pages with us or who pay for adverts are listed on three pages (Europe, USA/Canada and Rest of World) linked by the 'nursery' button to many pages on the Cactus-Mall and related sites. The free pages can only be accessed by going through the 'preferred' nursery pages first. The result is that the 'preferred' nursery pages get around 8 times the number of visitors compared to the full list pages.

Over 100 nurseries now have advertisments on the Cactus-Mall and make a very valuable contribution to our costs.

  1. A nursery (or other organisation) can have a standard link on the preferred page for £12 (18 US$, 14€) per annum.

  2. A nursery (or other organisation) can have a standard link and a linked banner for £30 (54 US$, 42€) per annum (I will design a banner within the cost if needed).

  3. A nursery (or other organisation) can have a link (drop-down list) in the prime advertisers spot in the mast head position of the Cactus-Mall. This costs £50 (90 US$, 70€) per annum.

Each option is progressive. ie. if a nursery pays for 3), then 1), and 2) are included. As a free extra, any nursery taking option 3) will also be automatically included in our Google Cactus-Mall server search system.

Advertising does not have to be from Cactus and Succulent nurseries but I will only accept it for things which I think our visitors may be interested in. In general I restrict it to cactus or succulent related items or other specialised horticulture web sites, so I would have no problem with for example adverts from other exotic plant categories such as Bromeliads, Orchids etc.

Advertising with us is very much cheaper than advertising in journals and gets to a far wider audience.




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