The Cactus File Handbook 3
by John Pilbeam, Chris Rodgerson and Derek Tribble
104 pages, hardback, ISBN 0 9520382 3 X
165x235mm, 109 colour photographs and 56 distribution maps

In many ways the third booklet in The Cactus File series is the most important of these publications and at the same time the most problematic. Adromischus is a genus which shows the most incredible plasticity of characters which has made its classification extremely problematical and few have dared even to try and tackle it. Yet the need for documentation is great as there is much interest in the genus. Tölken is one of the few who has produced a serious study and his work is used as the basis for the book. However many additional forms and variants of horticultural interest are covered in the book. Like the other books in the series there is an extensive and very useful section of dubious and superfluous names and a list of the field collection numbers of Hammer, Tribble, and Rodgerson.

There are a wide range of forms illustrated including useful 'compound' photographs showing the range of leaf shapes and sizes. Unfortunately some of the photographs seem to have a slight bluish-green cast and are not quite true to life. Nevertheless this is going to be an indispensable publication for growers of Adromischus and is likely to become the basis for any future work in this area.

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