The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

CSSA VOL.74, May-June 2002 No.3
x Myrtgerocactus lindsayi - a natural hybridBob Ressler
A new shade-loving species of Cheiridopsis N.E.BrSteven Hammer
Book Review - Succulents in South Africa: Aguide to Regional DiversityLeo Martin
Aloe hoffmannii Lavranos and Aloe rebmanii Lavranos, two new aloes from MadagascarJohn J.Lavranos
James Harvey Callander and his rare publication : Cactus Culture for Amateurs (1906)Colin C Walker
A letter to the EditorW.A. & Bety Fitz Maurice
Parkas? Ice picks? Oxygen bottles? A cactus expedition in highland Peru - Part 2James D.Mauseth and Carlos Ostolaza
Studies in the Opuntioideae (Cactaceae) - Book ReviewMyron Kimnach
Cactus Culture - Book ReviewMyron Kimnach
An ecological account of Ceropegia craibii - a rare and beautiful species from Natal, South AfricaCharles Craib
Superb SucculentsDuke Benadom
Othonna pavelkae (Compositae) a new and unusual species from Namaqualand, South AfricaJohn J.Lavranos
The Cycads - Book ReviewMyron Kimnach
Cover illustration. Pediocacti are amonst the most popular of cacti despite their samll size and difficulty of culture. To facilitate their cultivation they are sometimes grafted, although this often results in an unnatural appearance. Pediocactus simpsonii is the most widespread species in nature yet it is the smaller taxa that are most commonly found in collections. We have shown several on our journal covers, nearly all of them photos by Rob Skillin, and here we present another by him of Pediocactus knowltonii, nestled among detritus in northern Mexico.

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