The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

CSSA VOL.75, January-February 2003 No.1
The Boojum TreeMyron Kimnach
Boojum Trees in CultivationBill Thornton
A taller - The tallest? - cirioRobert R.Humphrey
Transplanting BoojumsBob Perrill
Humphrey dies at 97Reprinted from K.Newland et al.
Huernia khalidbinsultanii, a new species from the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaDarrel C.H.Plowes & Tom A.McCoy
Mammillaria - a splitter's review (series Ancistracanthae). Part IIJohn Pilbeam, photography by Bill Weightman
Three new taxa of Peperomia from Northern PeruGuillermo Pino, Oliver Klopfenstein & Nelson Cieza
In search of rock-garden habitats. Part 2.Andrew Wilson & Graham & Francoise Williamson
Superb SucculentsDuke Benadom
Cover illustration. Discovering new species is exciting, though most often its newness is not realized at the time. Usually some research and observation, not to mention a familiarity with the literature, are required before identification is certain. But in the case of Peperomia cereoides, pictured here, there was little doubt that something totally new and different had been found by an exploring band of plant enthusiasts in Peru in January 2000.

A photo of the species was first shown on the Internet wĄth a query as to its identity. So different is it in appearance trom other Peruvian peperomias that it was tirst thought it might belong to the Crassulaceae. lts further collection and study are detailed in the article beginning on page 26, together witb its formal publication as a new species.

Guillermo Pino photographed the plant at the type locality nestled among the protective leaves of a Puya species.

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