The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

CSSA VOL.79, September-October 2007 No.5
Knowing echeveriasAttila Kapitany
The story of a cactus, two men, and a missionCatherine Phillips
Myron and his mesembsSteven Hammer
"Are you planning a book on Echeveria?"John Pilbeam
Some succulent memories Part I; The early yearsMyron Kimnach
Echeveria lyonsii, a new species from Tamailipas, MexicoMyron Kimnach
Cactus tips from a master grower ThelocactusElton Roberts
Argentina's Paper Spine Cacti and notes on Tephrocactus cultivationZoya Akulova-Barlow
Succulents on Stamps Mammillaria, Part IPeg Spaete

On the cover. Gerhard Marx's cover painting shows several facets of Myron Kimnach: the phytolatrous ambassador/curator; the botanist poring over minutiae; the eager explorer. These facets have been intertwined so successfully and for so long that we thought it high time to celebrate the man and his career

This special issue features articles on echeverias, including a new description, an examination of Selenicereus chrysocardium, part one of Myron's memoirs, and personal appreciations by John Lavranos and Steven Hammer. There is also a time-line to remind us of our distance from and proximity to 1922, the birth year of Myron Klinnach and also, incidentally, of Conophytum, the one emerging in Los Angeles, the other in London

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