The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

CSSA VOL.81, September-October 2009 No.5
A gorgeous gem Sansevieria downsii at Njakwa Gorge, MalawiJoachim Thiede, Bruce J.Hargreaves & Philip E Downs
Girolamo Molon and his "lost" Yucca bookGordon Rowley
Tylecodon bruynsii A new cliff-dwelling species Ernst J van Jaarsveld & Steven A Hammer
Moroccan asclepiads following autumn storms Brian M Lamb, Keith Bensusan & Mohamed Amezian
A visit to The Alameda A new old botanical garden in GibraltarD Russell Wagner
Art and the succulent garden Jardin Majorelle, MarrakeshD Russell Wagner
Visiting Morocco And a chance encounter with Euphorbia resiniferaD Russell Wagner
Checklist: Succulents of MoroccoRay Stephenson & Keith Bensusan
Tillandsia recurvataZlatko Janeba
Book Review: Haworthia supplement by Bruce BayerD Russell Wagner
Book Review: The Echinopsis hybrids of Abbey Brook Cactus Nursery by Brian FearnD Russell Wagner
Succulents on stamps Opuntia, Part 4Peg Spaete

On the cover One of the joys for succulent lovers is discovering succulent plants wherever we go. Morocco harbors only about 60 succulent species over its nearly 250,000 km2, but its vast, arid mountain ranges hold some real gems that aren't too hard to find. Here Brian Lamb and company report on a productive Moroccan field trip carried out after heavy rains. The trip was focused mainly on locating some of the rare and cryptic succulent milkweeds found there, but some conspicuous and charismatic succulents are to be found along the way, including our cover model, Euphorbia echinus, kept beauty-queen thin girdled between slabs of shale (photo by Leslie Linares). This is one of three mounding Euphorbia species found in the Atlas Mountains. The others are E. resiniferum, which Russell Wagner saw on his recent trip to Morocco (see page 251), and E. officinorum. And each of these has local variants, some of which may be worthy of formal recognition. In this issue we offer a glimpse of travel in a country whose delights extend well beyond the botanical.

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