The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

CSSA VOL.83, March-April 2011 No.2
Addictive AloesJeff Moore
Phenotypic variation in Inflorescnces of Fouquieria burragei (Fouquieriaceae)Tristan J Davis
The Huntington Botanical Gardens presents the 2011 Offering of International Succulent IntroductionsJohn N Trager
Superb SucculentsDuke Benadom
Unusual Cyphostemma in Namibia: Natural Hybrids or a New Species?Timothy S.Harvey & John J.Lavranos
Genesis of the Institute for Aloe StudiesJohn B.Miller

On the cover Large plants of Cyphostemmo currorii never fail to impress, whether you have seen one or a hundred. This photogenic pair can be seen, from a greater distance, later in this issue. The fitness of sprightly photographer Todd Masilko is to be credited for his ability to hold the camera steady following an arduous climb that not all were able to manage. Damage to many plants was seen during the trek to the top; even wellarmed Euphorbia are not immune where elephants are concerned. Should plants survive the threat from animals, gravity often takes its toll with large specimens, which simply fall over, or collapse under their own weight when full of water. It is hoped the giants pictured here will remain healthy for many years to come

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