The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

CSSA VOL.85, May-June 2013 No.3
Namaqualand SpringtimeDylan O.Burge
Welwitschia mirabilis and the 100-year old Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape Town, South AfricaErnst Van Jaarsveld
Digital macro photography of cactus and succulent plantsAntonio Horacio Miguel
Colored cacti invade SpainD.Russel Wagner
Agave albopilosa the recently described gem of the genusZlatko Janeba
Book Review: Mesembs : The Titanopsis GroupDyan Hannon
Superb SucculentsDuke Benadom
Opuntia fragilis at Jeffers PetroglyphsEric Ribbens

On the cover: The harsh environment of the Kaokoveld in northwest Namibia has a profound effect on the plants living there. This Welwitschia mirabilis, photographed by Tim Harvey, was one of a small population, which included many young plants, found on a low hill some 45 miles from the coast.

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