The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

CSSA VOL.87, Jamuary-February 2015 No.1
Production of artisanal mezcal, tequila's sassy little sisterDan Mahr
Echinocereus russanthus ssp. weedinii, from the Davis Mountains, TexasGerhard & Gisela Boehm
Aloe phylogeny: pros and consGordon D.Rowley
Rank adjustments for the infraspecific taxa of Sansevieria pinguicula P.R.O.Bally (Asparagaceae/ Dracaenaceae) Leonard E.Newton & Joachim Thiede
An early record of Aloe alexandrei from the island of Grand Comore?Joachim Thiede
Superb Succulents Duke Benadom
Petrosedum pruinatum: a rare European stonecropRay Stephenson

On the cover: Over the past decade and more, Dan Mahr has organized field trips to succulent-rich areas of the globe. As well as new plants, participants also experience new cultures and cuisines. Sometimes offerings are chili-fried caterpillars, other times more interesting fare, such as mezcal, made from Agave angustifolia, seen here growing by the sea.