The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

CSSA VOL.87, May-June 2015 No.3
The Huntington Botanical Gardens present the 2015 listing of International Succulent IntroductionsJohn N Trager
A new species of Sansevieria in KenyaLeonard E.Newton
A Baker's Dozen: 12 Tips for Better Digital PhotographyIrwin Lightstone
Superb Succulents Duke Benadom
Book ReviewTim Harvey
Adenium dhoforense Rzepecky sp. nova. A long-overlooked species from the central-southern part of the Arabian PeninsulaAlain Rzepecky
Chasing Atlas DragonsKeith Bensusan. Andrew Gdaniec, Rhian Guillem & Ahmed Taheri

On the cover: Playfulness and the joy of discovery led to the cover shot of the Haworthia cooperi. Irwin Lightstone picks up his plants and looks at them at all angles in different lights to observe their details and textures. He particularly loves how the little globes of leaves in the image glow when backlit. To maintain sharp focus, 46 separate images were used in a process know as focus stacking, which is explained in greater detail in the article. As the leaf is taken at a magnification of approximately three times life size with a specialized lens, the focus was changed by advancing the camera in very small increments, 0.058 mm per shot, on a motorized sled.