The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

CSSA VOL.88, March-April 2016 No.2
Many cacti have leaves on their "flowers"James D.Mauseth
Dorstenia horwoodii Rzpecky sp. nov. From nudum to novum a fortyish year hiatusAlain Rzepecky
Along the way with WoodyAttila Kapitany
Obituary: Gerald S. BaradMyron Kimnach
Extension of the distribution of Melocactus ernestii Vaupel (Cactaceae) in the Northeastern Brazil: a new occurrence for the state of CearáAmanda Christina Dantas de Souza, Alice Calvente, Jomar Gomes Jardim & Leonardo de Melo Versieux
Beginners guide to geophytic OthonnaTom Glavich
Pushing the limits with cacti & succulents in cold climates #16Leo Chance

On the cover: This specimen of Arrojadoa rhodantha was captured in bud by Jim Mauseth and is part of a teaching collection of cacti, succulents and other exotic plants located at the University of Texas in Austin. As with other arrojadoas, it grows cyclically. It first produces a vegetative shoot about 10 inches long with areoles that cannot flower. The shoot then produces several areoles tightly clustered together at the shoot's tip; these terminal areoles produce long red spines, then flowering branches emerge from among these spines. After a few weeks, the cycle begins again as a new vegetative shoot emerges from among the flowering areoles.