The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

CSSA VOL.90, No.3
John Jacob Lavranos 1928-2018Tim S Harvey
The Echeverias of the Chillón River valley, Lima, PerúGuillermo Pino & Graciela Vilcapoma Segovia
Saving the QueensBill Thornton
A monstrous form of Stapelia englerianaJoseph A Rard
Pushing the limits: landscaping with cacti and succulents in cold climates #28Leo Chance
Curator's notes on growing cacti part 1: soils and containersAndrew Gdaniec and Olwen M Grace
An illustrated field guide as a tool for the conservation of cacti species in the Brazilain ChacoVanessa Gabrielle, Nóbrega Gomes, Wellington SantosFava, Paulo Robson Sousa, Daniella Zappi & Andréa Cardoso Araujo
Cacti of northwestern Peru the CSSA field trip of August 2016 part IIJames D Mauseth
Four of the world's tiniest succulents grow together in Cental SpainRay Stephenson
Chipping and chmical scarification effects on Sclerocactus glaucus (K.Schum.)L.D.Benson (Cactaceae) seed germinationNancy D.Riley & Terry Z.Riley
Arecesocereus a new subgenus of CereusMichael A Wisney

On the cover : Looking more like a piece of modern art, this section of rib from Neoraimondia arequipensis shows the characteristic elongated areoles. Jim Mauseth tells why these particular structues are of interest in his article.