The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

Succulents of SocotraDylan P. Hannon
A new dwarf aloe (Aloaceae) in southern SudanLeonard E. Newton
Selenicereus megalanthus (the yellow pitaya) (Cactaceae), a climbing cactus from Colombia and PeruJulia Weiss, Léia Scheinvar
& Yosef Mizrahi
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David Hunt, Seymour Linden, Brian Lamb and Len Newton are named CSSA FellowsLarry W. Mittich
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A new agave from Sinaloa, Mexico: A. filifera subsp. microceps (Agavaceae)Myron Kimnach
Valley View Succulent NotesGerald S. Barad
Letters to the Editor
From cacti_etc
Cover illustration: Haworthia comptoniana is one of the most admired of succulents. Who could resist its tightly compressed rosette with leaves seemingly made of shiny, green, striated quartz? It is rare in habitat, being found at only one or two localities in the Willowmore District of South Africa. For many years it was also exceedingly scarce in cultivation, largely because it seldom offsets. Now seed-raised plants are seen in many collections.

We had asked the artist, Gerhard Marx of South Africa, for a painting of a "showy haworthia". Here he has skillfully captured the beauty of H. comptoniana as he saw it in habitat.

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