The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

New discoveries in Pachypodium (Apocynaceae) from MadagascarJ.J. Lavranos &
S.H.J.V. Rapanarivo
Gibson, Hammer, Maddams, and Pilbeam receive the Fellow AwardLarry W. Mitich
Echeveria cante, a new species from the mountains of ZacatecasCharles Glass &
Mario Mendoza-García
Melocactus intortus subsp. domingensis Areces, subsp. nov.A.E. Areces-Mallea
Mammillaria crinita - a new look at old namesW.A. & Betty Fitz Maurice
Valley View Succulent NotesGerald S. Barad
Cacti & Succulents for the AmateurDuke Benadom
Spotlight on Round RobinsBraden Engelke &
Rita Fleischmann
Cover illustration: The Costa Rican Weberocereus tunilla is certainly not among the most popular of cacti. However, while the principal players (sulcos, pachypodiums, for example) may dominate center stage, there often are delightful, charming or mysterious succulents on the sidelines that deserve our attention as well. The Cactaceae are such a diverse group that we deprive ourselves in not cultivating some of the lesser known genera. Weberocerei are a small group of eipiphytes from Mexico to Ecuador with short, nocturnal flowers having a most peculiar odor, now known to attract nectar-sipping bats that involuntarily effect pollination. The flowers may be small but they are usually numerous and novel enough to attract us too. This lovely photo was taken by Ralf Bauer of Offenburg, Germany, one of the editors of EPIG, the German-language bulletin devoted to epiphytic cacti.

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