The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

CSSA VOL.71, September/October 1999 No.5
Botanists in Paradise, Part 2, Adventures in PeruEdward F.(Ted) Anderson
& Robert S.Wallace
Pediocactus - the not-so-plain "cactus of the plains", Part 1Fred Dortort
Mary Bellerue-BleckJohn Lavranos
Avonia, Mammon, and the fleshpots of VegasSteven Hammer
Notes on two aloes from Yemen, including the description of a new species A.abmarensisP.Favell, M.Barry Miller,
& Abdul Nasser al-Gifri
Superb SucculentsDuke Benadom
Bruce Bayer, Pierre Braun, James Mauseth, and Graham Williamson are named as CSSA FellowsLarry W.Mitich
New locations for Ariocarpus agavoidesW.A. & Betty Fitz Maurice
Spotlight on Round RobinsBraden Engelke & Rita Fleischmann

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