The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

CSSA Haseltonia 4, 1996
Grass aloe populations in eastern South AfricaCharles Craib
New Bulbine species (Asphodelaceae) from the Northwestern CapeGraham Williamson
Three new species of Phyllobolus (Mesembryanthemoideae, Aizoaceae) from the arid parts of South AfricaMaike Gerbaulet
and Mike Struck
The ecology and propagation of South African saxicolous species of Brachystelma (Asclepiadaceae)Charles Craib
The history of Berlandier's Cactus bicolorJoseph E.Laferrière
A.A.Nichol - student of Arizona floraLarry W.Mitich
Cytological evidences of agamospermy in Opuntia (Cactaceae)Marcelina Garcia-Aguilar
and Eulogio Pimienta-Barrios
Micropropagation of endangered Aloe juvenna and A.volkensii (Aloaceae)Sheryl A.Barringer,
Yasseen Mohamed-Yasseen
and Walter E.Splittstoesser
Altamiranoa into Sedum (Crassulaceae)Reid Moran
Plectranthus alloplectus, P.gratus and P.spectabilis (Lamiaceae) a trio of rock-outcrop succulents from Queensland, AustraliaPaul I. Forster
Naturalized succulents in the Australian floraPaul I.Forster
Chromosomes and hybrids of Echeveria IV. Series Urceolatae E. Walther (Crassulaceae)Charles H.Uhl
Evolution and conservation biology of the Galapagos opuntias (Cactaceae)David J.Hicks
and Andre Mauchamp
Nomenclatural changes in Opuntia (Cactaceae)Donald J.Pinkava
Review: Origin and evolution of the Macaronesian Sempervivoideae (Crassulaceae), by Ted H.M. MesCharles H.Uhl
COVER: Aloe polyphylla (Aloaceae), a native of Lesotho in southern Africa, is unique in the genus because of its conspicuously spiralled leaves and because it's the only alpine aloe; it grows above 2000 m on steep basaltic slopes that are often under snow in winter. Despite these specialized conditions, it thrives along littoral California wherever it is subjected to cool breezes and fogs. Photo by J. N. Trager of a plant cultivated in Santa Barbara.

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