The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

CSSA Haseltonia 5, 1997
Ariocarpus revisitedEdward F.Anderson
and W.A.Fitz Maurice
Chromosomes and hybrids of Echeveria V. Series Valvatae Moran and Ciliatac MoranCharles H.Uhl
Comparative anatomy of Neoraimondia roseiflora and Neocardenasia herzogiana (Cactaceae)James D.Mauseth
and Roberto Kiesling
New taxa and combinations in Echeveria (Crassulaceae)Myron Kimnach
The genus Sedella Britton & Rose (Crassulaceae)Reid Moran
The hybrid origin of xEpinicereus cooperi (Cactaceae) refuted using gel blot hybridization of random amplified polymorphic DNAsMatthew A.Metz,
Michael W.Froblich,
Myron Kimnach
and Elliot M.Meyerowitz
Sedum jurgensenii (Hemsl.) Moran (Crassulaceae)Reid Moran
Convergent adaptive morphology of a Sonoran Desert cactus (Peniocereus striatus) and an African spurge (Euphorbia cryptospinosa)Richard Felger
and James Henrickson
Sedum goldmanii (Rose) Moran (Crassulaceae)Reid Moran
Validation of the name xGasteraloe sculptilis (Aloaceae)Leonard E. Newton
Review: Toward a consensus classification of the Crassulaceae, by Urs Eggli, Henk't Hart and Reto NyffelerReid Moran
COVER: Our photo of Aloe melanacantha Berger, a member of the African family, Aloaceae, strikingly emphasizes the remarkable (though merely convergent) similarity of aloes to species of the New World genus, Agave (Agavaceae). Although aloes may he alpines (as in A.polyphylla, pictured on the cover of Haseltonia 4), tropicals or cliff-hangers, the spiny, ball-like rosette of A.melanacantha suggests a hot and desiccated habitat; this is confirmed by Reynolds (The aloes of South Africa, 1950), who states that it grows in the most arid part of the country. In 1689 it and A.variegata were the first South African aloes to be illustrated, yet, because of its adaptation to a harsh habitat, A.melanacantha is seldom cultivated successfully.
Although this species is also found in Namibia, our cover plant was photographed in 1997 by John N.Trager at Naroegas, ca. 50km WNW of Springbok, North Cape Province, S. Africa.

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