The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

CSSA Haseltonia 7, 2000
The ant, the butterfly and the ant-plant: notes on Myrmecodia beccarii (Rubiaceae), a vulnerable Queensland endemicPaul I.Forster
Relationships between Sclerocactus and Toumeya (Cactaceae) based on chloroplast trnL-trnF sequencesJ.Mark Porter, Michael S.Kinney & Kenneth D.Heil
Mary Emily Eaton, a gifted botanical artistLarry W. Mitich
Aptenia cordifolia (L.f.) Schwantes (Mesembryanthemaceae) in Zulu traditional medicine-an overviewNeil R.Crouch, Gideon F.Smith & Mike T.Smith
Preliminary growth rates and a proposed age-form classification for the Joshua Tree, Yucca brevifolia (Agavaceae)Peter L.Comanor & William H.Clark
History and taxonomy of Neoraimondia herzogiana (Cactaceae)Roberto Kiesling & James Mauseth
Succulent and xerophytic plants used by the Topnaar of NamibiaPatrick Van Damme & Veerie Van den Eynden
The genus Eulychnia (Cactaceae) in Chile: notes on the taxonomy, types, and other old specimensBeat Ernst Leuenberger & Urs Eggli
Somatic crossing-over can induce isozyme variation in somaclones of Cereus peruvianus Mill. (Cactaceae)Maria de Fátima P.S.Machado, Claudete Aparecida Mangolin & Sandra Aparecida de Oliveira Collet
Hurricane impacts in the Central Desert of Baja California Norte, MexicoWilliam H.Clark & David M.Ward, Jr.
Harrisia regelii (Weingart) Borg and the discovery of its Argentinian originBeat Ernst Leuenberger
In vitro culture of Cephalocereus senilis (Haworth) Pfeiffer through areole activation of etiolated plantsR.Flores-León & G. Ortíz-Montiel
A cactus database for the state of Baja California, MexicoMaría Elena Resendiz Ruiz 97
Some hybrids of Cremnophila nutans Rose (Crassulaceae)Charles H.Uhl

COVER: In conjunction with the enclosed paper on Sclerocactus by Kinney and Heil, our cover displays one of the most beautiful of cacti, S.polyancistrus (Engelm. & Big.) Britt. & Rose, native to California and Nevada, its delicately interlaced, multicolored spines and large magenta flowers are its outstanding features. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult cactus species to cultivate and is rarely found in collections. Rob Skillin of Bakersfield, California, photographed this fine specimen in the El Paso Mountains of that state.

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