Cactus & Succulent seeds


Eriosyce odieri v. duripulpa RMF 277SuccSeed can offer you more than 3,000 sorts of cactus and succulent seeds, interesting books, square pots in different sizes, labels and many other sundries. 

We are specialized in South American genera and can offer you very rare seeds from our private collection and amateur specialists from all the world. Most of our seeds have a field number or locality source. In our catalogue you will find hundreds of Lobivia, Rebutia, Sulcorebutia and Eriosyce.

Mammillaria guelzowianaIf you are interested in growing cacti outdoors you will find many cold hardy species. Take a look in our seed list, pick out your favorites and send us your order by email! You will get your seeds fast and safe by airmail. 

We have customers all over the world; from Sweden to North and South America, Asia ... so give us a try!

SuccSeed can also offer you wholesale quantities if requested. Tell us what you want and we will try to offer you a good price!

On our website you can take a look at more than 400 photos of cultivated cacti in full flower and also cacti growing in their natural habitat. Read our travelogues from USA, Argentina and Bolivia!

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