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The Dutch-Belgian Society of Cactus- and Succulent Amateurs "SUCCULENTA" was founded in 1919 and is one of the oldest societies for the hobby. Nowadays it has 2500 members, who can participate in activities organised by 30 branches in Holland and Belgium.

Members receive the society's journal, also called 'Succulenta', which is published bimonthly and contains 48 pages and the society's newsletter. Both are written in Dutch. From 1998 on, there are abstracts in English for the articles. The journal contains first descriptions, cultivation and propagation tips, historical information and lots of colour pictures. The newsletter announces and reports on all the national and local activities. The December issue also contains our famous seedlist with about 1000 different offerings. Succulenta provides a good picture of the interests and activities related to the hobby in the lowlands.

Membership, including the journal:
Holland and Belgium EUR 27,00 (Youth till 18 year EUR 13,50)
Rest of Europe EUR 35,00
Outside Europe EUR 40,00

Membership applications to:

Membership administrator
Banninkstraat 5
7255 AT Hengelo (Gld.)

The seedlist can be downloaded by clicking here.
Enquiries about our seedlist should be send to:

G.A.P. Rutten
Clichefonds Succulenta
Pr. Hendrikstraat 15
2641 HK Pijnacker
Tel.: 015 36 10 078

You can take a look to the out of print Bookshop clicking here.
Enquiries about back issues of our magazine can be obtained from:

Dhr. W. Alsemgeest
Leweringerstraat 10A
3421 AC Oudewater
Tel.: 0348-471083

Further information about the society can be obtained from:

Wolter ten Hoeve
Vreebergen 2
9403 ES Assen
Tel: +31 592-341660

For electronic information send an E-MAIL to Succulenta's webmaster: P.C. Laney (


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