"Cactussen en Vetplanten" v.z.w.

"Cactussen en Vetplanten" is a Belgian society for lovers of cacti and other succulents.

It has 400 members (December 2005).

As a member you receive a 2-monthly journal, called "Vakblad" and a 2-monthly newsletter, called "Kringblad".

The journal is published 6 times a year. It contains plant descriptions, cultivation and propagation tips, historical info and lots of colour pictures. "Vakblad" is a good mix of articles for the beginning and for the more experienced amateur. For the both everything is written from our own experience. We are doing our best to make it as complete (and yet as simple) as possible for everyone. Our goal is : accurate information which is perfectly understandable.

The newsletter is a less formal magazine to announce and report our activities, the meetings, the lectures, etc... Additionally it contains information for less experienced growers such as month to month plant care, questions and answers, etc... It has an event-calendar with all succulent activities in Belgium and Holland. The February issue contains a seedlist with several hundreds of species (800 in 2006).

"Vakblad" and "Kringblad" are both in Dutch. "Vakblak" is illustrated with a lot of beautiful colour pictures. Back volumes from 1984 on are still available in separate volumes or as bound books. "Kringblad" is printed in the same format, but on less quality paper and without colour pictures.

please visit   OUR HOMEPAGE   (with a full Dutch and a full English and a full French section)

more than 40.000 succulents in a greenhouse and a garden, unique in our climat

June 01st till 03th and August 31st till September 02nd, 2007 (10.00 - 18.00 h.)
Kasteellei 111, Wijnegem (near Antwerp), Belgium
free entrance


One of the most important activities of our society is the organisation of the yearly spring and autumn show. In the past years we have already welcomed a lot of foreign visitors. This year we are making an extra effort to attract succulentophiles from here and from abroad to this unique exhibition.

At our shows you can see more than 40,000 succulent plants in a greenhouse and outside. The collection has been built over the last 57 years - most of the plants are seed grown - and it is said to be one of the largest private collections in Europe.

The 200 m2 greenhouse is stuffed with beautiful plant tablets as well as a lot of plants in pots. There are plants of 50 years and older as well as young seedlings. Outside there are another 600 m2 of succulent plants. Behind the greenhouse there is a botanical garden with thousands of cacti and other succulents planted out between rocks and lava. This garden is unique in our climate. Mid May at least 20 members of our society start bringing the plants outside. The whole operation takes about 4 days. After the autumn show everything is brought back inside for the winter. In 1997 we installed as an extra a big pond with plants and rocks. At the back of the garden you will find several other tables with thousands of cacti and other succulents on it.

On the square at the street side we erect a big tent. A great succulent plant sale (about 50 m2) will be the most important activity over there as well as a table with materials for sale: all kinds of pots, fertilizers and chemicals (more than 100 different products). Further more you must not forget to take a look at our seed stand. You can choose from our extensive seedlist with more than 800 species, amongst them several rarities. The price is only 0.40 euro per portion of 20-50 seeds. For starters we offer a complete sowing packet with all the necessary materials and 10 portions of seed for 3.00 euro. There will be an information stand where you can become acquainted with our journals as well as with all the other activities of our society with its 400 members (in 2005). Of course you can make contact with our members who can answer your questions about the hobby and the collection.

And last but not least, there will be hundreds of plants for sale : all sorts, all sizes, all prices.

Shortly, an event for all lovers of succulents to look forward to.

The collection can also be visited by groups between end May and mid September. You can get a guided tour with explanations on the hobby and the collection. A visit can be combined with a visit to the nearbymall of Wijnegem, with its 245 shops one of the biggest of Europe. Hotel accommodation can be arranged and there is a camping place in the neighborhood.


To join, pay with international pay order or cash to:

BE92 7363 0215 0923 (BIC nr KREDBEBB)

Cactussen en Vetplanten v.z.w.

Rozenlaan 9, B-2861 O.L.V.-Waver, Belgium

The membership, including 6 issues of our "Vakblad" and  6 issues of our "Kringblad" and seedlist, costs yearly:

Belgium : 15.00 euro

Elsewhere : 25.00 euro

More info : cactusvetplant@online.be