Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines


The C&S of the Philippines is an organization of 30 active members and another 20 or so who come by every so often. The society was started by a group of cacti enthusiasts some 20 years ago. The club was a brain child of the late Dr. Augusto Evidente with the help of 18 other enthusiasts.

The C&S society of the Philippines hold their meetings on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Meetings consist of : Talks on specific plant genera, care etc... With every meeting hobbyists and commercial sellers bring plants to trade or sell to promote the plants and the hobby. Raffles are conducted each time as well.

The society goes on annual trips to see plants and to purchase them. Where we go depends on where the tide takes us, as long as the trip rouses further interest for the plant is all that matters.

The club is actively recruiting members from various provinces and is in the process of forming chapters. With the help of the journal which is due to come out by june, this becomes more feasible. It is also our fervent hope that the journal finds its way into the hearts of other tropical growers, since there is not much information as to growing them in such conditions.

The journal is also in need of advertisers. Fees for interested parties are as follows:

3 Premium Ad Spaces Available

Full Back Page / 2 Flaps$ 50.00
Inside Full Page$ 40.00
Half Page$ 20.00
One Fourth$ 10.00

Advertisers paying for 2 issues please deduct 10% from rates stated above.
Advertisers are entitled to a free copy of the journal where the ad was printed.

For tropical growers subscriptions fees for the bi-annual publication is $15.00 including postage.

Journal details

The first issue includes growing conditions in the tropics. Growing the following plants in the tropics : stapeliads, haworthias, euphorbias. Other articles include general care for tropical growers, clay pots and plastic pots, which plant is for which given our conditions, does rain, humidity and cloudy skies necessarily spell doom for cacti and succulents, and a corner for prickly prose (poems and short stories on cacti). Treating diseases in the tropics is another. Foreign writers on articles on Lithops, Parodias and Euphorbias.

The journal consists of about 80 pages of information. All subscribers and advertisers are welcome. Black and white, with real photographs.

The second issue of Kaktus is due to be released in February of 1999.

This being the clubs 20th year, we are planning a grand show and sale to be held in Manila in November. We are looking for interested parties who might want to come and sell their plants.

For further information regarding the journal, plants and the club. E-mail: Ms.Reggie Aspiras at