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Dragon Fruit Business

I am currently looking for investors/lenders to help me with the seed/startup phase of my venture, White Tiger Organic Farm of Hawai'i. I have a chance to buy 290 acres of rich, volcanic soil, about 15 miles North of Hilo, on the wet, tropical slopes of Mauna Kea. It is my gameplan to secure, and grow thousands of rare, gourmet herbs, vegetables, fruit, bamboos, and tropical hardwood trees, to obtain viable seed for future crops, and to make a handsome income each year. -- Obviously the Dragon Fruit, formerly known only in Central and South America, now spread to Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, and Japan, is a fine species to grow on Hawai'i. I have the wholehearted interest and support of both the University of Hawaii's College of Tropical Agriculture, and the USDA - Pacific Basin Ag Research Center, both in Hilo. -- The First Hawaiian Bank, in Hilo, is willing to finance the major portion of my startup costs, but I must secure at least $500K from an outside lender/investor. -- If you happen to know of any investors/lenders interested in supporting 'Green' projects, please let me know about them, mahalo (thanks in Hawaiian). --- Warm Regards, Greg O'Neill


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