The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
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Cactus and Succulent Mailing Lists, Forums, Blogs, Newsgroups & Chat Pages

Note: for the Yahoo Groups Links to function you will first need to obtain a Yahoo Groups ID and password.

The general list of Cactus and Succulent groups at Yahoo is now over 70. Some apparently large groups are not listed here because they are infested with SPAM messages and contain little if any genuine Cactus and Succulent content. A number of other very small lists with very low levels of activity are not included. If you run a list which is not included and you think it should be, tell me the name of the list and I will have a look.


Language Specific/General Topic Lists

  • Cacti_etc

    To subscribe email:
    subscribe cacti_etc [your name] to

  • Group for Australian Cactus & Succulent Growers

  • Cactus Lista di Discussione

    Italian and other latin languages. To subscribe email:
    subscribe cactus [your name] to

  • cacti_succulents

    Mainly written in French, but english speaking people are also welcome.
    Send a blank mail to:
    the same procedure to unsubscribe:

  • Cacti in Russian

    Post a message:


    List owner:

  • Kaktusy (Polish)

    or via e-mail:
    Serdecznie zapraszam wszystkich zainteresowanych dyskusja w jezyku polskim.

  • Sociedade Brasileira de Cactos e Succulentas - SBCS

    A mailing list in Portugese, particularly but not exclusively for members of the SBCS
    120 members at 9.1.2004
  • Lista de correos de Suculentas

    Spanish Language succulent plants mailing list
    150 members at 22.4.2003

Yahoo Groups

Specific Topic Lists

  • Adenium List

    Discusses all aspects of growing adeniums and pachypodiums. Includes a Picture Gallery. 1,946 members at 24.10.2005

  • Yucca (Agavaceae)

    Discusses all aspects of growing Yucca (Agavaceae)

  • Agavaceae List

    Discusses all aspects of growing Agavaceae
    364 members at 24.10.2005

  • Aloe List

    Discusses all aspects of growing aloes
    578 members at 24.10.2005

  • AZ plants

    Discusses the ecology, distribution and propagation of plants native to Arizona and the Sonoron desert. To subscribe email:
    subscribe AZPLANTS [your name] to

  • Cacti and Succulent Seeds

    For exchange and distribution of Cacti and Succulent Seeds
    43 members at 22.12.2003

  • Cactus Collections and Xchange

    Discussion of cactus and succulent collections and exchanging material
    296 members at 24.10.2005

  • Cactus Freaks

    Discusssion of cristate and monstrous plants
    160 members at 22.12.2003

  • Cactus Study

    Study of Cactus and Succulent Plants
    299 members at 24.10.2005

  • Crassulaceae List

    Discusses all aspects of growing Crassulaceae
    615 Members at 24.10.2005

  • Echinocereus

    To subscribe send an empty message to:

  • XEchinopsis

    The XEchinopsis mailing list is dedicated to the discussion of Echinopsis hybrids - including those of Lobivia, Trichocereus and related genera. 106 members at 23.12..2003. To subscribe email:
    subscribe XEchinopsis [your name] to

  • EPI-L List

    Discusses all aspects of growing Jungle cacti (Orchid, Christmas and Easter cacti) 828 members at 24.10.2005. Includes a picture gallery.


    EPRIC mailing list. 220 members at 24.10.2005.

  • Euphorbia_etc

    Discusses all aspects of growing euphorbias and related plants. 419 members at 24.10.2005.

  • Fat-Plants

    Discusses Caudiciform and Pachycaul plants, and has several photo galleries.
    583 members at 22.12.2003.

  • Haworthia

    Discusses all aspects of growing Haworthias
    300 members at 22.12.2003.

  • Hardycacti_etc

    Discusses growing cacti and succulents outside in cold and wet environments. 329 members at 23.12.2003 To subscribe email:
    subscribe hardycacti_etc [your name] to

  • International Cactus Pear Discussion List

    Discusses commercial uses for cacti. To subscribe email:
    subscribe CACTUS-L [your name] to

  • Living Rocks

    Discusses all aspects of growing Ariocarpus, Astrophytum, Aztekium, Geohintonia, Lophophora, Obregonia, Turbinicarpus, Strombocactus and other dwarf cryptic cactus genera.
    497 members at 24.10.2005.

  • Mesembs

    Discusses all aspects of growing Aizoaceae (Mesembs, or living stones). Includes a small picture gallery.
    485 members at 24.10.2005.

  • Opuntia List

    Discusses all aspects of growing Opuntias. 204 members as at 22.12.2003. Includes a picture gallery.

  • Other_succulents List

    Discusses all aspects of growing succulents other than cacti. 699 members as at 24.10.2005. Includes a picture gallery.

  • Pediocactus, Sclerocactus, Navajoa, Toumeya

    Discusses all aspects of growing Pediocactus, Sclerocactus, Navajoa, Toumeya

  • Pitaya Fruit

    Discusses fruit of columnar cacti. 1063 members as at 24.10.2005.

  • South African Succulents List

    Official List of the Succulent Society of South Africa. 194 members as at 24.10.2003

  • South American Cacti List

    Discusses all aspects of growing South American Cacti. 316 members as at 24.10.2005

  • Stapeliads

    Discusses all aspects of growing Stapeliads. 552 members as at 24.10.2005. Includes a picture gallery.

  • Too Cold for Cactus

    Hardy Cacti. 389 members as at 24.10.2005.

  • Discussion of CITES - specific issues

    To subscribe send a message to
    with the message: subscribe cites-l [Your name]




There is a usenet newsgroup for cacti in italian : news:it.hobby.piante.cactus

It has an official associated webpage at

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