The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

Recommended Seed Suppliers

Mesa GardenVery extensive range particularly of North American and Mexican Cacti and Mesembs
ADBLPS GrainesFrance
New Rare SeedsAudissou Plantes Succulentes
Australian SucculentsSucculents seeds mostly from Australia
Bercht Seedlist5,000 sorts of cactus seeds
Botanical ArchiveItalian seed and plants
Cactus-HeavenMostly cacti, strong on rarer species
Arizona Cactus GardenAustralian Seed Supplier
Cactus Hobby BrnoCzech Republic - large very special cacti seedlists, retail, wholesale on-line distribution
Cactus Moravia InternationalMany assorted special cacti and succulent picture seedlists and plantlists, quick service and daily communication with customers
Cactusstore.comExtensive Seed listing for Cactus, Succulents, Mesembs and Desert Plants
Exotic cactus Collection
Cacti and Succulents Ing.Kamil ProchazkaPrague Czech Republic - large cacti and succulent seedlist
HIGH QUALITY SEEDSAdenium and Plumeiria Seeds
Uhlig KakteenThis plant nursery also has an extensive seed list
Gerhard KoehresVery extensive list from Germany
Lifestyle SeedsSeeds from South Africa
Joel LodeVery extensive list distributed from Spain. Details through Cactus Aventures
Navajo CountrySpecialist List for Sclerocactus, Pediocactus etc. and Yucca seeds
ImazaadexWholesale Cactus and Succulent seeds
SeedsCactus.comOnline shop for fresh Cactus and Succulent seeds
Seeds of AfricaSouth African and Exotic seeds
Succseedparticularly strong on South American Cacti
SucculandEcheveria, Cacti and other Succulent Seeds
Wonderfulcactus SeedsCacti, particularly columnars, seeds from Spain.

Trebrown NurseryPalm, Cycad and other Exotic Plant Seed
rarepalmseeds.comPalm, Cycad, Banana, Yucca and Agave seeds
British Cactus and Succulent SocietyList not published on line - available only to members. Join Now
Succulenta (Holland)Extensive list - Available to non-members
Cactus & Co (Italy)Free seed distribution for members. Join Now
Deutsche Kakteen Gesellschaft (Germany)List not published on line - available only to members.
Mesemb Study GroupMesemb Seed including items not available elsewhere.
List not published on line - available only to members. Join Now
International Asclepiad SocietyHard to find Asclepiad Seed.
List not published on line - available only to members. Join Now


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