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Desert Plant Society Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of the month
in the Cedar Room at VanDusen Botanical Gardens, 5251 Oak street, Vancouver.

Meetings start at 7:30 PM, visitors are welcome.

We meet every month of the year with the exception of July, August and December

Our Show and Sale is held in June of each year in the Floral hall at the VanDusen Botanical Garden.

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Contact info


We are an enthusiastic group of 'casual amateurs' who are fascinated by cacti and succulent plants. We meet monthly to discuss our hobby, to watch slide shows and to display our plants as they grow and flower.




The degree of interest of our members ranges from novice growers and casual hobbyists who like cacti and succulents because of their bizarre habits (of the plants, although according to some spouses - of the enthusiasts, too), to collectors and growers involved in specialized propagation of rare and endangered species. Collections range in size from the window ledge variety, to multiple greenhouses. Our membership includes those who have worldwide contacts, those who attend international and regional conferences, and those who regularly travel to destinations around the world to see plants in habitat. We share our interests in studying, collecting, growing and the conservation of cacti and succulents.




If you find this a little intimidating, don't worry - there are plenty of us who are so casual, we don't even know the 'right' names for most of our plants - we just know we like them!




Contacts: By E-Mail

Morgan Smith - 778-875-6334

Pat Campbell - (604) 921 - 7042

Dirk Himschoot - 604-514-3016

Desert Plant Society

6408 Marine Drive, 
West Vancouver, BC
V7W 2S6

You can also contact the society via e-mail, here.








Benefits of Membership with the Desert Plant Society of Vancouver

Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month at VanDusen Botanical Gardens, 5251 Oak Street, Vancouver, in the Cedar Room. Meetings start at 7:30 PM. Visitors welcome at no charge.

The meetings start at 7:30 PM but members are encouraged to arrive earlier for 'succulent' chatter, and to browse among the 'spine-tingling' library collection and view plants on display and for sale. Visitors and new members are welcome! Make new friends and meet enthusiastic 'cactophiles' who can answer all your questions and help you get your plants to flower and grow!

Slide presentations by club members and guest speakers cover a wide range of topics, including plants in habitat, featured species, plant care, members' travels, significant collections...just to name a few.

Produced every two to three months our society newsletter is full of society information, interesting articles (collected from our members and across the internet), and upcoming meetings and events.

At every meeting, a raffle takes place. Various items given the prizes including plants, books, gardening items, soil, pots, etc.

We have a large collection of books spanning 40 years; covering all areas of interest to members,as well as journals for novice growers and experts alike. Borrowing privileges are granted to members who regularly attend Society meetings. New members qualify by attending three consecutive monthly meetings.




Things outside of the monthly meetings


Many of our members welcome others to visit their collections, to share growing tips (and traps) and to sometimes share, sell or exchange plants.

Every year the annual picnic is held at a members house. Members are invited to look over the green house, and garden.

Join us for a 'spine-tingling' trek through the desert landscape, feel the heat and dry out, and marvel at the diversity of plants that have adapted to an 'extreme' life!

As a member, you will occasionally be offered discounts for attending regional and international events about cacti and succulents.


Membership Fees


Single Membership, One Year $ 20.00
Couple Membership, One Year $ 30.00
Family Membership, One Year $ 35.00

Seniors, students will receive a Membership Discount of $5.00.










The Cedar Room at VanDusen Botanical Garden Floral Hall, 5251 Oak Street, Vancouver.
Admission: Free - or by donation.






Show and Sale Activites and Displays include:

  • Rare, odd, mature, flowering-size, collector plants on show and for sale
  • Water-wise, winter hardy, outdoor succulents for Lower Mainland gardens
  • Tips on care and growing of succulents, potting mixtures, pests.
  • Mural display of desert habitats around the world and their diversity of succulent plants
  • Slide shows on cacti and succulents, their adaptations and desert habitats around the world
  • Succulents used by humans
  • Conservation and Rare and Endangered Succulents.
  • Seeds for sale for you to grow your own cacti and succulents.
  • CITES Endangered Species display
  • Reference materials
  • Membership information and a chance to join the Desert Plant Society
  • A great selection of cacti and succulents for sale including many at prices inexpensive enough for kids to buy
  • Many enthusiasts and knowledgeable members to answer all your questions!

A uniquely succulent learning opportunity not to be missed!








Tips for Cacti and Succulent Care


Cacti and Succulents like:

  • A warm and sunny location during the growing season
  • Fresh air circulation
  • Good drainage, house plant or cactus soil mixtures
  • Transplanting into a dry soil mix at the beginning of the growing season and withholding of water for a few days
  • Regular watering during growing season: let almost dry out between waterings
  • Facing the same direction during the spring so as not to lose their flower buds
  • Winter rest: for springtime flowering plants, keep dry and cool (5-10C)
  • A balanced, dissolvable fertilizer in their growing period



  • South African succulents and caudiciform types tend grow in fall and winter and rest in spring and summer. Often plants will adapt to local growing seasons.
  • Winter-flowering Christmas Cactus Schlumbergera and Rhipsalis need a bright warm place in winter and spraying to increase air moisture.
  • Many succulents, like species of Hoodia, and Lithops do not like much watering from September to June.

Each plant is different! Make sure you find out any specifics from the place you obtained the plant from.


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