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List of Periodicals Devoted to Succulent Plants


In Bradleya 3/1985 Urs Eggli published an article entitled A Bibliography of Succulent Plant Periodicals. Urs Eggli and the BCSS (Bradleya editor, Gordon Rowley) have kindly given permission for reproduction of this work on-line. Subsequent additions and ammendments have been supplied by Urs Eggli, Gordon Rowley and Len Newton in Bradleya 5/1987 and Bradleya 7/1989 and these are now included in the listsgiven here. It is hoped that other cactophiles will send in information which can be used to extend this data and keep it up to date so that it because a valuable resource for all

Dr Tony Mace and Xavier Ferrand, 18th November 1998


A Bibliography of Succulent Plant Periodicals


When working with succulent plants - for pleasure or as a profession - it soon becomes apparent that there is an incredible wealth of information, for the greater part scattered throughout a considerable number of periodically published, specialised journals. newsletters, etc. Many of these publications tend to be more or less ephemeral in character and are only rarely available outside the publishing society or club. As many of these publications are cited now and then in other more easily obtainable works, it is felt that a guide to their titles and publication periods would be of value. The present bibliography attempts to list such periodical publications devoted entirely, or to a major part, to succulent plants, irrespective of whether they are 'scientific' or not in content. Surprisingly enough, there have been well near to 300 such publications issued in less than a century!

It may seem superfluous to include branch journals, newsletters and other 'small' and 'unimportant' publications in such a list. However, as the titles of such publications are in many cases not very helpful as to their contents, and moreover some of them are occasionally cited in more readily accessible publications, it is felt that their inclusion may be helpful now and then.

When periodical publications are cited in other works, the titles are normally abbreviated, unfortunately far too often in such a way as to render it virtually impossible to guess the correct title. Apart from producing a mere list of succulent periodicals, the present bibliography also tries to provide a consistent set of abbreviations for the periodicals listed. These abbreviations are in most cases formed according to the guide lines set out in BPH and it is hoped that they may contribute to a more uniform way of citing succulent periodicals, thus avoiding the continued use of ill-defined and easy-to- confuse abbreviations. Abbreviations are supplied for most titles included in the list. In the case of little known newsletters, branch journals, etc, or of little known titles in a non-current language, no abbreviation is provided, however.

Sources of Information

The bibliography of succulent plant periodicals has been compiled mainly from numerous individual references in various specialised periodicals. Major additions to the bibliography have come from the library of the Municipal Succulent Collection at Zürich (ZSS), as well as the private libraries of Gordon D. Rowley, the British Cactus and Succulent Society (Southern Library) and of the author.

In the past, four specialised bibliographies have been published which also incorporate succulent periodicals. All these bibliographies, which are unfortunately more or less incomplete, have been used extensively, in the compilation of the present list. They are:

  • CALLÉ, J. (1958,1961, 1963). Essai d'une bibliographie de la familie des Cactées. In Cactus (Paris) 13 (58): 7-12 (1958); 16 (70): 95 (1961); 18 (77): 62 (1963).
  • NEUMANN, D. (1971-74). Succulentarum Bibliographia. Oakland (USA): Published by the author.
  • ZAVADIL, E. (c. 1974). [Untitled list of Czechoslovakian Books and Periodicals on Cacti.] 24pp. Ostrava-Poruba (CSSR); published by the author. German revised version published in Stachelpost 9(45): 76 et seq. (1973).
  • ZÖPF, K. (1971-1974). Die Kakteen- und Sukkulenten-Journale, Bulletins, Newsletters sowie ähnliche Publikationen der ganzen Welt. In Stachelpost 7 (33): 359-360 (1971) et seq. (incorporates data from Neumann's Succulentarum Bibliographia).
Only recently, the French periodical Succulentes, 1983: 29-36, featured a list of mostly currently published journals, etc, which is however very incomplete and contains a number of misleading spelling errors.

Directions on the Use of the List

The list of periodicals is arranged alphabetically according to the title or title abbreviation. Important sub-titles or alternative titles (e.g. in different languages) are cross-referenced; they are arranged alphabetically according to the full wording. Due to this mixture of abbreviated titles and titles spelt in full, decisions on alphabetic order have not been easy in some cases.

Identical titles (or titles differing only in a single letter or a different conjunction or article) are identified by adding the place of publication or, in a few cases, the publishing society, in brackets. This addition should be considered as an integral part of the title or title abbreviation for identification.

According to the rules of BPH, one-word titles are not abbreviated. If the same word is also found as the first word of multi-word titles, it may be abbreviated however. In the classified list, the one-word titles are always listed before the abbreviated forms. It is also important to point out that non-alphabetic characters such as hyphens, slashes, etc, are taken as blanks for alphabetic ordering. Further, the words 'Cactus', 'Cacti', 'Cactées', 'Cactophiles', 'Cactaceae', etc, are all abbreviated to 'Cact.' when occurring as part of a multi-word title. Similarly, 'Kaktus', 'Kakteen', 'Kakti', etc, are abbreviated to 'Kakt.'

Abbreviations occurring as part of a title are treated as any other word for alphabetic sequencing. Moreover, no distinction is made between lower and upper case letters in this connection. Initial definite articles (e.g. 'The Hoyan' or 'Der Kakteenfreund') are omitted for alphabetic sequencing.

When the title is given in non-roman letters only, it is either transliterated or translated into English; if possible, both are done and a cross-reference is made. This, however, has not been possible in all cases for lack of information.

Additional information listed for each periodical is its full title, alternative or sub-titles, place and country of publication (of vol. 1), publishing body (when not apparent from the title or sub-title(s) of the periodical), volumation and any other relevant data. A combination of volume number and year immediately followed by a ,'+' sign, e.g. '1 (1966) +', indicates that the periodical was started in the year given and is still continuing (at least no information indicating the contrary is available - in some doubtful cases, the last issue(s) seen is/are cited). If no volumes are indicated but the issues are numbered consecutively, the abbreviation 'No.' it used. If individual issues have to be mentioned, their number follows the volume number after a colon (e.g. 1 (1968) - 2:2 (1969) to indicate that the publication has ceased in 1969 with issue no. 2 of vol. 2). Continuations under a different title, amalgamations, etc, are always indicated when known with a cross-reference. In many cases, however, not all this information is available. lt is hoped that with the help of the users of this bibliography, such faults, as well as any omissions, can be corrected in the future.

Abbreviations Used in the List

The following general abbreviations are used throughout the list for often used terms:

Ed., ed.Editor, edited by (German: Herausgeber, herausgegeben von)
no.Number [German: Heftnummer]
vol.Volume [German: Jahrgang, Band]
Div. loc.Diverse locations [German: Verschiedene Verlagsorte]
NCSSNational Cactus & Succulent Socjety (GB)

The following abbreviations are used to indicate the source of information in case of obscure periodicals (given in brackets at the end of an entry):

BCSSBritish Cactus and Succulent Society [Southern Library]
DKGDeutsche Kakteen-Gesellschaft (list of publications in the library)
GDRGordon D. Rowley
NeumannD. Neumann, Succulentarum Bibliographia
ZavadilE. Zavadil, List of Czechoslovakian Books and Journals of Cacti lc. 1974).
ZöpfK.Zöpf, Die Kakteen- und Sukkulentenjournale. Stachelpost 1971-1974.
ZSSMunicipal Succulent Collection Zürich [library]

The following abbreviations are used to indicate the country of publication (in brackets after the publication place):

BRDFederal Republic of Germany (1945+)
DGermany ( - 1944)
DDRGerman Democratic Republic (1945+)
GBGreat Britain
RSARepublic of South Africa
USAUnited Status of America
USSRSoviet Union

The following short abbreviations are used in the bibliographic list for some of the most important periodicals and other sources:

BPHBibliographia Periodicorum Huntianum
CSJACact. Succ. J.(US)
CSJGBCact. Succ. J. Gr. Brit.
KuaSKakt. and. Sukk.
MfKMonatsshr. Kakt. -Kunde
NCSJNat. Cact. Succ. J.

The term 'volumation' was introduced in BPH (p. 18) to cover presence and sequence of volume and/or series numbering.


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