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List of Periodicals Devoted to Succulent Plants (300-399)


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300.   Nat. Cact. Succ. Soc. Zone Three Comp. National Cactus and Succulent Society, Zone Three Compendium. Div. loc.(GB). 1 (1975) +. Last vol. seen: 3(1978).

301.   Neale's Monthly Notes on Cacti and Other Succulents. See Monthly Not Cact Succ.

302.   Neale's Photographic Reference Plates. See Monthly Not Cact. Succ.

303.   New Zealand Cact.Succ.J. - Auckland (NZ): Cactus & Succulent Society of New Zealand.

Vol.PartPages Date Mimeographed; half foolscap.
[1]11-4 1947 Nov
21-81947 Dec
31-81948 Jan
As "Cactus & Succulent Notes"
141-101948 Feb
5 to 131-141948 Nov.
As "Journal of the Cactus and Succulent Society of New Zealand"
Special Issue 1-16 1948 Dec. Printed B5.
211-81949 Jan.
Thereafter 12, 11 or 10 issues a year.

304.   News Bulletin. See Harrow-on-the-Hill Newslett.

305.   News Review. Chermside (Australia): Queensland Succulent Society. 1 (1965/67)+, 10 issues per vol., quarterly.

305a.   News Review. My record card states ,Quarterly from Feb. 1963'; my subscription started with vol. 3 no.5 (Feb.1972) but I was unable to obtain the earlier issues. From vol. 9 no. 1 (May 1986), the name changed to Dinteranthus.

306.   News Sheet. Illawarra Cacti Society. Illawarra (Australia: New S. Wales). Only issue seen: No. 1 (1973) (first issue publ.). GDR.

306a.   Illawarra Cactus & Succulent Society News Letter. 1973- 1975. Illawarra Cact. Succ. Soc., N.S.W., Australia. Vol. 1 nos. 1-7, quarterly from Sept. 1973. From no. 8 continued as Illawarra Cactus & Succulent Journal. (See below.)

307.   News and Views. Lincoln (USA): National Cactus and Succulent Society Lincoln. Nos. 9-12 (1963-64), data very incomplete.

308.   Newslett. (Adelaide) See Cact. Courier (Adelaide).

309.   Newslett. (Auckland). See Auckland Branch Newslett

310.   Newslett. (Barrow). See Barrow Branch Newslett

311.   Newslett. (Bombay). Newsletter. Bombay (India): Cactus and Succulent Society. 1 (1965), nos. 1, 2, 3/4, supplement to 3/4; next issue seen is 3:1 (1975), then regularly; 9 (1980) +, twice yearly. GDR.

312.   Newslett. (Bristol). See Bristol Cact Soc. Newslett

313.   Newslett. (Chelmsford). See Chelmsford Branch Newslett

314.   Newslett. (Crawley). See Crawley Branch Newslett

315.   Newslett. (Croydon). See Croydon Branch Newslett.

316.   Newslett. (CSSA). See CSSA Newslett

317.   Newsletter of the Mid-Iowa Cactus and Succulent Society. Newsletter started in 1978, issued 6 times per year beginning in 2001 (monthly prior to 2001). This club was organized in 1970 to included both men and women that were more serious about the hobby.  It started out as the 'Family Cactus and Succulent Club of Des Moines' in 1970. The club became an affiliate of the Cactus and Succulent Society of America, Inc. in 1977. The name of the club changed to 'Mid-Iowa Cactus and Succulent Society' in 1985 to better reflect membership from all over the state of Iowa.

318.   Newslett. (Elgin). See North Scottish Area Newslett

319.   Newslett. (Exotic Collection). See Overseas Newslett Exot Coll.

320.   Newslett. (Farnborough). Newsletter. Farnborough (GB): Farnborough Branch, NCSS. 1 (1961)+, monthly, issues numbered consecutively.

321.   Godalming Branch Newsletter. 1957 Monthly from July 1957, quarterly from 1982. Name changed to Guildford & Godalming Branch Newsletter in 1974. After no. 295 (Dec. 1982) new series of consecutive numbers started (1-Jan.1983).

322.   Newslett. (Harrow-on-the-Hill). See Harrow-on-the-Hill Newslett

323.   Newslett. (Honolulu). Newsletter. Honolulu (Hawaii): - Cactus and Succulent Society of Hawaii. No. 1 (1967), no more published?

324.   Newslett. (Kingston). See Kingston Branch Newslett

325.   Newslett. (Los Angeles). See Chronicle.

326.   Newslett. (Melbourne). Newsletter. Melbourne (Australia): Cactus and Succulent Society of Australia. 1963-1968, monthly; 59 consecutively numbered issues published in total.

327.   Newslett. (North Wiltshire). Newsletter, North Wiltshire Branch. Westbury (GB): North Wiltshire Branch, NCSS. June 1973-Oct. 1975, c. monthly. GDR.

328.   Newslett. (Northern Counties Branch). See Newslett (Tynemouth).

329.   Newslett. (Omaha). Newsletter. Omaha Cactus and Succulent Society. Omaha (USA). Floruit 1983. [CSSA Newslett. 1983: 6].

330.   Newslett. (Portland). See Cact Chatter (Portland).

331.   Newslett. (Portsmouth). See Portsmouth Branch Newslett

332.   Newslett. (Preston). See Preston Cact Soc. Newslett.

333.   Newslett. (Shrewshury). See Shrewsbury Branch Newslett

334.   Newslett. (Southburg). See Succ. Plant Club Newslett

335.   Newslett. (Succ. Plant Club). See Succ. Plant Club Newslett 336.   Newslett. (Succ. Plant Inst). See Newslett Succ. Plant Inst

337.   Newslett. (Succ. Plant Trust). See Succ. Plant Trust Newslett

338.   Newslett. (Tynemouth). Newsletter. Tynemouth (GB): Northern Counties Branch, Cactus and Succulent Society of Great Britain. 1 (1968) +, monthly.

339.   Newslett. (Walton). See Walton Hersham Branch Newslett

340.   Newslett. (Worthing). Newsletter. Worthing( GB): Worthing Branch, NCSS. 1(1966)+, monthly, issues numbered consecutively.

341.   Newslett (Worthing, Exot Coll). See Overseas Newslett Exot Coll

342.   Newslett. (Zeitun). Newsletter. Zejtun (Malta): Cactus and Succulent Society of Malta. 1967+, monthly, without volumation (1967 with 7 issues only).

A-42.   Newslett. Cact. Succ. Soc. Austral. Capital Territ. Newsletter, Cactus and Succulent Society of the A.C.T. Cact. Succ. Soc. of the Australian Capital Jerritory. 1973+ Monthly from Apr.1973 (vol. 1, no. 1); some issues dated but without volume or part numbers. I have only six issues in vol. 1.

343.   Newsletter of the Aloe, Cactus and Succulent Society of Zimbabwe/Rhodesia. See Quart. Newslett

344.   Newsletter of the Associated Southern Clubs of the Cactus and Succulent Society of New Zealand. See Southern Spine.

345.   Newsletter of the Cactus and Succulent Society of India. See Newslett. (Bombay).

A-15.   Newslett. Echeveria Soc. Newsletter of the Echeveria Society. Coxcatlan (Mexico): ed. F. Otero. 1(1985[1985/8]), 3 issues. Followed by J. Echeveria Soc.

346.   Newsletter of the Epiphytic Plant Study Group. See Epiphytes.

A-43.   Newslett. Hutt Valley Branch. Newsletter of the Hutt Valley Branch. Hutt Valley Branch, Cact. Succ. Soc. New Zea- land. 1955+ Monthly. I have nothing later than vol.7 no.8(Sept. 1961).

347.   Newslett. Nat. Cact. Succ. Soc. Newsletter of the National Cactus and Succulent Society. Bradford (GB). 2 (1947) +, quarterly. Later issues included in Nat. Cact. Succ. J. Preceded by Newslett. Yorkshire Cact. Soc.

348.   Newslett. Natal Cact. Succ. Club. Newsletter of the Natal Cactus and Succulent Club. Durban(Natal). Zöpf. No information available, nos. seen include various apparently monthly newsletters between 1971 and 1982/83. Alternative title: Natal Cactus and Succulent Club Newsletter.

349.   Newslett. Natal Cact. Succ. Soc. Newsletter of the Natal Cactus and Succulent Society. Durban (Natal). 1964+, monthly, without volumation. The same as News/ett. Natal Cact. Succ. Club? See Bull. Natal Cact. Succ. Soc. for another periodical published by this society.

350.   Newsletter of the New York Cactus and Succulent Society. See Cact. Comments.

A-16.   Newslett. Palomar Cact. Succ. Soc. Newsletter of the Palomar Cactus and Succulent Society. ? (USA). FI. 1985 (see CSSA Newslett. 1985, p. 86).

351.   Newsletter of the Sempervivum Society. See Houslekes.ISSN 0140-0304. Also titled international Newsletter. Floruit 9 (1983).

352.   Newslett. S. African Aloe Succ. Soc. Newsletter of the South African Aloe and Succulent Society. Pretoria (RSA). 1 (1976) - 6 (1981), bimonthly (?). Later issues as Kambroo.

353.   Newslett. Succ. Plant Inst. Newsletter of the Succulent Plant Institute. Coulsdon (GB). 1 (1962) +, 3 issues yearly, issues numbered consecutively.

354.   Newsletter of the Tucson Cactus and Botanical Society. See Cact. Capital Chatter.

A-17.   Newslett. Wisconsin Cact. Succ. Soc. Newsletter of the Wisconsin Cactus and Succulent Society. ? (USA). FI. 1985 (See CSSA Newslett. 1985, p. 86).

355.   Newslett. Yorkshire Cact. Soc. Newsletter of the Yorkshire Cactus Society. Bradford (GB). 1 (1945/46), quarterly. Continued as Newslett. Nat. Cact. Succ. Soc.

356.   Nieuwsblad Cactusweelde. See Cactusweelde.

357.   Nordisk Kakt. Tidsskr. Nordisk Kaktus Tidsskrift. Kobenhaven (Denmark). Hage & Clausen (ed. F.M.Knuth-Knuthenborg & C.S.Johansen). 1:1-4 (1921), 1:56 (1922), 2:1-3 (1922), 2:4 (1923). GDR.

358.   Nordisk Kaktus Selskab, Meddelser. See Kaktus (Odense).

359.   North Scottish Area Newslett. North Scottish Area Newsletter. Elgin (GB): North Scottish Branch, NCSS. 1972+, irregularly, without volumation.

360.   Northamptonshire Cactophile - Keyston (GB): Northamptonshire Branch, NCSS. 4to mimeographed. A complete set is made up of 16 parts, as follows:

Vol. PartPagesDate
11[1-12]1955 Apr.
2[13]-311955 Sept.
332-501956 Mar.
451-691956 Oct.
211-151957 Apr.
311-111958 Jan.
212-251958 June
411-151959 Mar.
21-161959 June
31-191959 Sept.
41-141959 Dec.
[5]11-161960 Mar.
21-101960 Nov.
-1-121961 Mar.
-1-91961 Oct.
-1-91962 May

A-83.   Northants News. - Northampton (GB): Northamptonshire Braneh, BCSS. (Initially "British Cacti (sic!) and Succulent Society Northamptonshire Brauch Newsletter", preliminary issues Summer 1989, Sept.1989 and Winter 1989). Vol.1 No.1 Spring 1990, quarterly, A5.

361.   Northern Counties Branch Newsletter. See Newslett. (Tynemouth).

A-18.   Notocactus. Div. loc. (BRD, NL). A total of 5 issues published since 1978 by various members of Internoto, featuring name lists, translations, reprints etc. Not a periodical in the strict sense.

A-19.   Notokaktus. Arbeitsmaterial der Zentralen Arbeitsgemeinschaft Notokakteen. ? (DDR). FI. 1984 (see Kakt.I Sukk. 1985, p. 66d).

362.   Nuusbrief van die Suid-Aftikaanse Aalwyn- en Vetplantvereniging. See Kambroo.

363.   O Kaktusach. See Swiat Kaktusow.

364.   Obeznik. Brno (CSSR): Astrophytum' spolek pestitelu kaktusu v Brno. 1944, 8 issues (1-4, 5/6, 7/8); 1945, 3 issues; 1946, 4 issues. Zavadil.

365.   Obeznik Krouzku Kaktusaru. Praha, Brno, etc (CSSR): 1 (1953)-3 (1955), 10 issues yearly. Followed by Vestnik Krouzku Kaktusaru.

366.   Oklahoma Cact. Succ. Soc. Mag. Oklahoma Cactus and Succulent Societv Magazine. Oklahoma (USA). 1:1(1945). Data incomplete, probably no more published. Zöpf.

367.   Open Gates. Fontana (USA): Howard E. Gates Memorial Cactus and Succulent Society. 1966+, monthly, no volumation, issues unnumbered. First year of publ. unclear.

368.   Opuntia Pad. Leicester (GB): Leicester Branch, NCSS. Bimonthly from Oct. 1972, 6 issues per vol. Last recd vol. 3 no. 1.

369.   Oregon Cactus and Succulent Society Newsletter. See Cact. Chatter (Portland).

370.   Ortsgruppe Zunch. Mitteilungen. See Mitt. Ortsgruppe Zürich.

371.   Overseas Newslett. Exot. Coll. Overseas Newsletter, Exotic Collection. Worthing(GB): W.T.Neale & Co. Ltd. 1969+, irregularly. Data incomplete. Neumann 1: 10.

371.   Overseas Newsletter from the Exotic Collection. Irregular from Apr.1967. Numbered consecutively to no. 5 (1968), then numbered within each year, except 1978. 1967:nos.1-3; 1968:4-5; 1969:1-2; 1970:1-3; 1971:1-2; 1972:1- 5; 1973-1975: 1-4 each year; 1976:1-5; 1977:1-4; 1978:Mar.,Nov. Last recd 1978:Nov.

372.   Papyracantha. Ohio(USA): Bonico Philatelics (house journal). 1 (1974) +, bimonthly. Journal devoted to succulents on stamps, coins, etc. [NCSJ 74:122].

373.   Pectinifera Zpravodal. Praha (CSSR). J. Elsner & J. Egide, Hradek Kraleve, CSSR. I have the following 7 issues, numbered consecutively: 1 (Sept.1973), 2 (Dec. 1973), 3 (Mar. 1974), 4 (June 1974), 5 (Oct. 1974), 6 (Apr.1975), 7 (July 1985).

374.   Pereskia. Anvers (F): published by (?). 1:1 (1947, given as 1946) - 1:14 (1950). GDR.

375.   Photographic Reference Plates. See Monthly Not. Cact. Succ.

376.   Piante Grasse. (Italy): Associazione Italiana dei Amatori delle Piante Succulente. 1 (1981) +, quarterly (vol. 1 with a single issue only).

377.   Planthunter. Eskilstuna (Sweden): Ed. Mats Nilsson. No.1 (1983)+, irregularly.

378.   Polskie Towarzystwo Milosnikow Kaktusow. See Swiat Kaktusow.

379.   Poole East Dorset Branch J. Poole and East Dorset Branch Journal. Bournemouth (GB): Poole and East Dorset Branch, NCSS. 1(1967) +, quarterly.

379.   Poole and East Dorset Branch Journal. 1967-1975. Ceased publication with vol. 9 no. 1 (dated Jan.-May 1975).

380.   Portmouth Branch Newsletter - Portsmouth (GB): Portsmouth & District Brauch, NCSS. Vol.1 No.1 Aug. 1961, foolscap, mimeographed, preceded by "Annual Report" Dec. 1960. Quarterly, later irregular. Last issue seen: Vol.18 No.12, Dec. 1978.

381.   Preston Cact. Soc. Newslett. Preston Cactus Society Newsletter. Preston (GB): Preston Branch, NCSS. 1971+, no more data available.

382.   Prickly Paragraphs. Cubbington (GB): Coventry Branch, NCSS, 1 (1967)+, quarterly.

383.   Pubilcaties voor Cactus-Studie. See Blätt. Kakt. -Forsch.

384.   Quarterly Magazine of the Desert Botanical Garden. See Agave.

385.   Quart. Newslett. (Harare). Quarterly Newsletter. Harare (Zimbabwe): The Aloe, Cactus and Succulent Society of Zimbabwe formerly Rhodesia, Salisbury). No.1 (1969)+, no volume numbering, issues numbered consecutively. ISSN 0378-0686. GDR.

A-85.   Reading & Basingstoke Braneh Newsletter. - Reading (GB): Reading & Basingstoke Brauch, NCSS. No volumation or part numbers; 3 to 7 issues a year; first titled "Newsletter" Dec. 1968 but preceded by untitled circulars 1961 onwards; mimeographed; A4 from 1974 onwards; last issue Apr.1984.

386.   Reference Plates. See Monthly Not, Cact. Succ.

387.   Regnum Vegetabile. A series title for part of Rep. Plant. Succ.

388.   Report. Plant. Succ. Repertorium Plantarum Succulentarum. Div. bc.: Published on behalf of the International Organisation for Succulent Plant Study (lOS). 1 (1950)+, yearly or irregularly. Parts of the vols. have been published as a section of Regnum Vegetabile.

389.   Rep. Keihaushin Branch. Report of Keihaushin Branch. Keihaushin (Japan): Keihaushin Branch, Cactus and Succulent Society of Japan. No. 1 (1950) - No.10 (1953). Continued as part of Shaboten Sha ?

390.   Revue pour Amateurs de Cactacees et autres Succulentes. See Cactus (Antwerpen, etc.).

391.   Rev. Cact. Review of the Cactaceae. San Diego (USA): Ed. C.Orcutt. 1:1 (Sept.1897), 1:2 (Jan.1899), 1:3 and 1:4 undated, 2:5 (July 1900), 2:6 (August 1900), 2:7 (Jan.1902). Reprinted (without date) at Pasadena. [Cactus(Paris) 13(58): 11].

392.   Runcorn Cacto-Files. Runcorn (GB): Runcorn Branch, NCSS, 1 (1971)+, bimonthly. Nos. 1:1 and 1:2 without title other than the branch name; first issues numbered, then unnumbered and again sometimes without title. Title changed from April 1975+ to Runcorn Cactophiles. Last issue seen: August 1977. GDR.

393.   Runcorn Cactophiles. See Runcorn Cacto-Files.

394.   Rundschreiben. Internoto Arbeitskreis 8: Brasilicactus & Eriocactus. Berlin (BRD): Ed. T.Engel. Irregularly; floruit No.6, 1984.

395.   Saboten is a spelling variant for Shaboten.

A-44.   Saboten To Tanikushokubutsu. Japan-Cactus Planning Press, Fukusima. 1978+ Quarterly from Spring 1978. Only 3 issues recd.

396.   Saguaroland Bull. Saguaroland Bulletin. Phoenix (USA): Desert Botanical Gardens of Arizona. 1 (1947), 7 issues; 2 (1948) +, 10 issues yearly, later monthly.

397.   Sampote. Journal of the Nara Cactus Club. (Japan). No. 1 (1955), No.2 (1956). Data incomplete. GDR.

A-86.   The Sansevieria Journal - Reseda (CA): Trans Terra. Ed. B. J. Chahinian. B5, quarterly (1992 4 issues bi-monthly). Vol.1. No.1 June 1992.

398.   Sarasota Newspaper. Newsletter of the Sarasota Succulent Society. Sarasota (USA). Floruit 1973. Zöpf.

A-45.   Sempervivum Fanc. Assoc. Newslett. Sempervivum Fanciers Association Newsletter. Sempervivum Fanciers Association, Randolph, Mass., U.S.A. 1(1975) +, quarterly.

A-20.   Sempervivum Year Book. Burgess Hill (GBY: Sempervivum Society, ed. P. Mitchell. 1974+. Published irregularly 1974, 1975, 1977 (titled "Year Book, Sempervivum Society"), 1978, 1979/80 (publ. 1981), 1978+ titled "The Sempervivum Society Yearbook" Ceased ?

399.   Scottish Succ. Scene. Scottish Succulent Scene. Edinburgh (GB): Zonal Committee of the Scottish Branches, NCSS. Floruit 1978, 1979, apparently quarterly. BCSS.


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