Aloe pillansii (Picture 1017)

Aloe pillansii (L.Guthrie) is the tallest tree-aloe, it can grow to heights of app. 15 meters. Another "tree-aloe" is A.dichotoma which is very simulair to A.pillansii.

The bark of A.pillansii is coarse and the inflorescenses are hanging on the base from the lowest leaves as you can see on the picture which is taken on October 8,1996, south of the Richtersveld in South Africa, near the Orange River.

This distinguishes it from A.dichotoma which has erect inflorescenses. Flowers of both are yellow and seed germinated very easy. This species is distributed from Richtersveld to the middle of Namibia and is also regarded as endangered due to overcollecting. Mostly they grow solitary.

The plant can loose sick or damaged branches, this is seen on the left branch of the picture.