Peter van der Puyl's Home Page

My name is Peter van der Puyl and I live in the Netherlands on the Isle of Texel and I'm 52 years young, married and two fine daughters.

I have been writing for some years articles for the Dutch Journal Succulenta about home hobbying with succulents, also writing about the Canary Islands and now about my last trip in Namibia and South Africa.

My special interests in succulents are Euphorbia, Aloes and Haworthias, I have a small glasshouse of about 10 square meters, keeping and growing also other plants, even some cacti as Astrophytums and Aztekium.

Pictures of Succulents in South Africa and Namibia

Books: Damaraland Flora: Spitzkoppe, Brandberg, Twijfelfontein, authors are P.Craven and Christine Marais, Publisher is Gamsberg Macmillan Publishers Ltd. in Windhoek, Namib.


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