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Huernia somalica
Huernia somalica
seed raised Barad plant
from cross of two habitat plants
Huernia thuretii
Huernia thuretii
ex Plowes DP4622, Karoo Garden 3/72
Kaffirdrift, 40k SE of Grahamstown, Cap, South Africa
Huernia urceolata
Huernia urceolata
seed grown by Barad
seed ex Lavranos, ex Hardy
collected on Kaokoveld, SA
Huernia vereckeri
Huernia vereckeri PVB 2125
Setsumbwe, ex S.Hammer
Huernia whitesloaneana
Huernia whitesloaneana
ex Lavranos, sn
Zoutpansberg, Transvaal, South Africa
Huernia yemenensis
Huernia yemenensis
ex Pehleman, ex Lav 16261
foot of Sumara pass, Yemen 11033
Huernia zebrina x
Huernia zebrina magniflora x
Duvalia velutina
Barad hybrid 54-96
Huernia zebrina x
Huernia zebrina
x Duvalia corderoyi
Barad Hybrid, 210-88
x Huernianthus 'Alexis'
Huernianthus 'Alexis'
a Barad hybrid between Huernia longituba
and Stapelianthus keraudrenae, named in
honor of my grand-daughter, Alexis Barad
The names given are those given by the donor, as there is still controversy as to the status of many of the names.

In giving the data, 'ex' means that the plant was received from the person whose name follows. If there is a second 'ex', it means that the person who sent it to me had received it from the person whose name follows the second 'ex'. Ex hort means that there is no information on this clone and that it was received from material that is in the general horticultural trade.

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