The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

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ADBLPS Grainesadblps-graines-cactus.comFrance
L'aiguillon Gaumaiswww.aiguillongaumais.comPersonal Site (Belgium)
Aloe Studies Institutewww.aloestudies.orgCalifornia
Le Cactus Délégation Isère-Rhône-Alpes)
Les Amis du Jardin Exotique de Manacowww.amisjem.comFriends of the Jardin Exotique of Monaco
A.R.I.D.E.S.www.arides.infoFrench Cactus and Succulent Society
Ariocarpus: Living Rocks of comprehensive source of information on the genus Plant Vendor
Asclepiad Exhibitionwww.asclepiad-exhibition.orgChris Moore's Asclepiad-Exhibition
Benny Møller Jensen's Hardy Cactus Sitewww.bennyskaktus.dkPersonal Site (Denmark)
Bill's Haworthias and other
Bob Smoley's Gardenworldwww.bobsmoleys.comCactus and Succulent Plant Vendor
British Cactus and Succulent
Includes membership information, Events calendar, List of Branches, Recent Journal Contents, Society Publications, Sample Journal article, Advertising rates, list of UK Nurseries advertsing in the Journal and their locations.
Bonsai Collectableswww.bonsai-collectables.comSucculent Plant (Bonsai) Vendor
Brazilian Cacti Projectwww.brcactaceae.orgPersonal Pages by Marlon Machado (Brazil)
Brookside Nurserywww.brookside-nursery.comCactus and Succulent Plant Vendor
C and D Plantswww.canddplants.comCalifornia Plant Vendor
Les Cactees Epiphytescactus-epiphytes.euEpiphytic Cactus site in French, English and Spanish
Cactibiosferawww.cactibiosfera.comCactus and Succulent Plant Vendor (Mexico)
Cactiguidewww.cactiguide.comOn-line Guide to the positive identification of members of the cactus family
CactusBasewww.cactusbase.netDatabase Software Vendor
Les Cactuswww.les-cactus.comLes Cactus from Florent Papadopoulos
Cactus Adventures
Bilingual French/English Cactus and Succulent Magazine. Sale of Plants and Seeds
Cactus & Cowww.cactus-co.comItalian Society and quarterly Journal in English and Italian
Cactus Art Nurserywww.cactus-art.bizItalian Nursery
Cactus Bookstorewww.cactusbookstore.comCactus, Succulent and related books from Chuck Everson (USA)
CactusCollection.netwww.cactuscollection.netPersonal site with thousands of pictures of cacti
Cactus Landeswww.cactus-landes.frFrench Cactus and Succulent Plant Dealer
Cactus Heavenwww.cactus-heaven.comCactus Plants and Seed Vendor
Cactus and Succulent Society of New Zealandwww.cssnz.orgLinks to branch pages: Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Hawke's Bay, Invercargill, Manawatu, New Plymouth, Northland, South Taranaki, Tararua, Wellington/Hutt Valley
Cactus and Succulent Society of
Cactus Specialtieswww.cactusspecialties.comHardy Cactus Plant Vendor
Cascade Cactus and Succulent Society of Washington Statewww.cascadecss.orgSeattle and district
Central Arizona Cactus and Succulent
Couleurs Cactuswww.couleurs-cactus.frFrench Cactus Club
Columnar Cactiwww.columnar-cacti.orgPersonal site of Tony Mace and Bob Ressler
Croston and Succulent Plant Vendor
Deawactuswww.deawcactus.comCactus and Succulent Plant Vendor (Thailand)
Desert Creationswww.desertcreations.netCactus and Succulent Plant Vendor (North Hills, California)
Deutsche Kakteen Gesellschaftwww.deutschekakteengesellschaft.deGerman Cactus Society: Includes Subscription Information, List of Ortsgruppe, Veranstaltungskalendar (Events calendar) and Contents of Recent Journals and Schumannia
Richard and Wendy Edgintonwww.edginton-cacti.comCactus Plant Vendors
Essex & London Branches
Bromley, Chelmsford, Clacton, Croydon, Eltham, Essex (Ilford), Havering, Kingston-on-Thames, Southend, Waltham Forest, Zone 15
ExoticPlantBooks.comexoticplantbooks.comUSA based Book supplier
Fife Branch Branch Site
Fraileawww.frailea.comInterest Group Site
Fresh Acres Nurseries Cactus and Succulent Supplier
Fresno Cactus and Succulent
Gargamel Cactuswww.gargamel-cactus.comPhotographic Site
Gates Cactus and Succulent
Gestation de collection de
Graham Charles Charles new Gymnocalycium Book
The Haworthia Societywww.haworthia.orgSociety covering Aloe, Astroloba, Gasteria, Haworthia, related small genera and Bulbine
Highlands and Islands Branch Branch Site
High Wycombe Branch Branch Site
Houston Cactus and Succulent Societywww.hcsstex.orgCactus Club
International Asclepiad Societywww.asclepiad-international.orgSpecialist Society
International Euphorbia Societywww.euphorbia-international.orgSpecialist Society
Kakteen Haagewww.kakteen-haage.comCactus and Succulent Plant Vendor
Kuentzwww.kuentz.comNursery of Henri Kuentz in Frejus, France
La Ferme aux
Le Cactus Francophonewww.cactuspro.comFrench Language Pages ; includes pages for many further organisations
Macclesfield and East Cheshire Branch Branch Site
mammillarias.netwww.mammillarias.netMammillaria site of Frank Martin (France)
Mattslandscapewww.mattslandscape.comCactus and Succulent Plant Vendor
Mesa Gardenwww.mesagarden.comCactus and Succulent Seed and Plant Vendor
Mesemb Study Groupwww.mesemb.orgSubscription information, Sample article, Cumulative article index
2014 Mid-States
My Cactuswww.mycactus.beMy Cactus
Navajo Countrywww.fhnavajo.comCactus and Succulent Plant Book, Seed and Plant Vendor
New Mexico Cactus and Succulent
NoirmoutierNoirmoutier LocationAccomodation
Frans Nolteewww.noltee.comPhotography and CD of South African Succulents
Northants Branch Branch Site
Opuntia/Mammillariawww.opuntia-mammillaria.netOpuntia/Mammillaria (Martine Deshogues)
Oxford Branch Branch Site
Cactaceaewww.cactaceae.bePieter Colpaert's Cactaceae website
Papy-polyackPapy PolyackMichael Paulhiac's personal pages
PictoGraphicawww.PictoGraphica.comPhotography Site
Planta Secawww.plantaseca.comCactus and Succulent Plant Vendor and Succulent Plant Vendor
Portsmouth Branch Branch Site
Prickly Palacewww.pricklypalace.comCactus and Succulent Plant Vendor
Rio Grande Cactiwww.riogrande-cacti.comCactus Vendor
River City Cactus and Succulent Societywww.river-city-cactus.orgCactus Club
Sacramento Cactus and Succulent Societywww.sacramentocss.orgCactus Club
Santa Barbara Cactus and Succulent Societywww.sbcactus.orgCactus Club
Jean-Marie Solichonwww.jmsolichon.comHigh Quality Photographic Site
South Florida Cactus and Succulent Societywww.SFloridaCactus.orgCactus Club
Southampton Branch Branch Site
Shabotenwww.shaboten.comPersonal Domain of Yowichirow Matsuoka
Paul Shirley Succulentswww.paulshirleysucculents.nlSucculent Plant Vendor of mainly Hoyas and Asclepiadiaceae
Succulent Nursery Cok and Ine Grootscholtenwww.succulenta-kwekerij.nlDutch Cactus and Succulent Nursery
Sussex Zone
Including Brighton Branch BCSS, Crawley Branch BCSS, East Sussex Cactus and Succulent Association andLittlehampton Branch BCSS
Teesside Branch BCSS
Thelocactuswww.thelocactus.cactus-mall.comAlessandro Mosco's Website
Cactus and Succulent Plant Vendor
Tulsa Cactus and Succulent Societywww.tulsacactusclub.orgCactus Club
Tribe Cacteae IRTwww.tribecacteaeirt.comSite on Pediocactus-Sclerocactus-Navajoa-Toumeya
Uhlig Kakteenwww.uhlig-kakteen.comCactus and Succulent Plant Vendor
Victoria Cactus & Succulent Societywww.victoria.cactus-society.orgCactus Club
Vivero Cactuswww.viverocactus.comCactus and Succulent Plant Vendor (Mexico)
Yann Cochardwww.yanncochard.comPersonal Domain of Yann Cochard
Yorkshire Zone
Including Bradford Branch BCSS, Bridlington Branch BCSS, Huddersfield Branch BCSS, Hull Branch BCSS, Leeds Branch BCSS, Sheffield Branch BCSS and York Branch BCSS,
Yucca (Agavaceae)www.yuccaagavaceae.comYucca information from Fritz Hochstätter
Zone 7
Including Lowestoft Branch BCSS, Norwich Branch BCSS, Spalding Branch BCSS and South Norfolk Branch BCSS

Webpages on

Information Category
Information Included
The Adenium PagesExtensive picture gallery of hybrids and species
Alsterworthia InternationalAlsterworthia International
Alan Phipps CactiCactus and Succulent Plant Plant Vendor
Alpines, Bromeliads, Palms, Cycads and Carniverous PlantsStarting points for these groups of plants
AriocarpusPlants for Sale in the USA
AriocarpusPlants for Sale in the UK (Europe)
AstrophytumPlants for Sale in the USA
AstrophytumPlants for Sale in the UK (Europe)
Cactus and Succulent Club BadgesMore than 100 badges of Cactus and Succulent Societies Past and Present
Boojum UnlimitedBoojum Tree (Fouquieria columnaris) Vendor
BookshopSuppliers, Reviews and On-line ordering of Cactus and Succulent Books
Cactus link buttons & bannersLinked Icons for use by Webmasters
Cactus and Succulent Society of New MexicoCSSA Affiliate Club
Clarke Champie - Personal Page Cacti of the El Paso, Texas Region
Closet Cactus CareGrowing Cacti from seed under lights
Cactus and Succulent Club PagesBirmingham (UK), Central Oklahoma Cactus and Succulent Society (USA), Desert Plant Society of Vancouver (Canada), Edenbridge (UK), Isle of Wight (UK), Manchester (UK), Maryland (USA), Medway Towns Branch BCSS, Michigan (USA), Mid-Iowa Cactus and Succulent Society (USA), National Capitol Cactus and Succulent Society (USA), Northumbria (UK), North Texas Cactus and Succulent Society (USA), Shrewsbury & District, Stoke-on-Tent (UK), West of England (UK)
Commercial ServicesWhat we can offer nurseries and other cactus and succulent businesses.
Connosseurs' CactiCactus and Succulent Plant Vendor
Eau Brink CactiCactus and Succulent Plant Vendor
Cactus and Succulent Events 
Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall FAQIncluding information about putting club pages on the CSPM
Cactus and Succulent Gardens Open to the Public 
Cactus and Succulent Homepages on the WWWSorted by language
Cactus and Succulent Homepages concentrating on specific groups of plantsSorted by plant family
Cactus and Succulent Webrings 
Cacti and Succulents on CD-ROMs 
The ChileansInternational group based in the UK with special interest in South American Cacti
Common Name Equivalents of Cacti and Succulents 
Conservation of Cacti and Succulents 
Dutch Cactus and Succulent Society 
Dutch Cactus and Succulent NurseriesMap and contact details
Czech index of the cactus and Succulent Plant Mall 
French index of the cactus and Succulent Plant Mall 
German index of the cactus and Succulent Plant Mall 
Greek index of the cactus and Succulent Plant Mall 
GreenhouseGreenhouses for Sale in the USA
GreenhouseGreenhouses for Sale in the UK (EU)
Grigsby Cactus GardensCactus and Succulent Plant Vendors
Hamilton's World of CactiCactus and Succulent Plant Vendors
International Cactus AdventuresOn-line subscription facility
International Succulent Introductions 
The Indian Society of Cacti & Succulents 
Italian index of the cactus and Succulent Plant Mall 
Japanese index of the cactus and Succulent Plant Mall 
List of Cactus and Succulent Clubs Worldwide 
List of Cactus and Succulent Nurseries 
List of recent changes to the Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall 
List of Succulent Plant PeriodicalsBased on articles in BCSS Bradleya Year Books
Mammillaria SocietyIncluding sample articles and on-line subscription service
Mamms on the MallBill Tree's Mammillaria page
Map of Who and What is on the Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall 
Palm Seeds from the Dominican Republic 
Mailing lists on Cacti and Succulents 
Nara Succulent SocietyJapanese Nursery
Oakdene NurseriesCactus and Succulent Plant Vendor
On-line SubscriptionThe British Cactus and Succulent Society, The Cactus and Succulent Society of America, International Cactus Adventures, Cactus&Co., Cactaceae Review, The Mammillaria Society, The Mesemb Study Group, The International Asclepiad Society, The International Sanseveiria Society and The International Hoya Society
PalmsPlants for Sale in the USA
PalmsSeeds & Seedlings for Sale
Pests of Cacti and SucculentsPests of Cacti and Succulents
Picture Gallery of Cacti and Succulents 
Polish index of the cactus and Succulent Plant Mall 
Portugese index of the cactus and Succulent Plant Mall 
Peter van der Puyl - Personal PagePictures of Succulents in South Africa and Namibia
Sacred and Medicinal Cacti: Peyote, San Pedro and other EthnopharmaReview Paper
Recommended Retail SourcesOther than Nurseries
succulents.netInformation available on the domain
Russian index of the cactus and Succulent Plant Mall 
Searching facilities for Cactus and Succulent Plant webpages 
The Sedum Society 
Sociedad Mexicana de CactologíaMexican Cactus Society
Sociedad Peruana de Cactus y SuculentasPeruvian Cactus and Succulent Society
Spanish index of the cactus and Succulent Plant Mall 
Stapeliads - Orchids of the Succulent WorldInformation on pollination mechanisms and an extensive picture gallery.
SuccseedCactus and Succulent Seeds
Succulents.netWhat you can find on
Thai index of the cactus and Succulent Plant Mall 
Tephrocactus Study Group 
Useful WWW resources for Cactus and Succulent Growers 
Worldwide Membership of Cactus and Succulent Societies 
YuccaYuccas for Sale in the USA
YuccaYuccas for Sale in the UK (EU)

Advertisers on

Adenium Nurserywww.adeniumrose.comAdenium Nursery (Miami, Florida)
Advance Greenhouseswww.advancegreenhouses.comGrenhouse supplier (USA)
African Succulentswww.africansucculents.esSpanish Succulent Plant Vendor
Ankhworks Potterywww.ankhworks.comHandbuilt Pottery for Cacti and Succulents
Annie's Magic Gardenwww.anniesmagicgarden.comPlant vendor in Leming, Texas
Arid Landswww.aridlands.comSucculent Plant Dealer
Arizona Cactus Saleswww.arizonacactussales.comCactus and Succulent Plant Dealer
Artificial Cactus Plants and selection of artificial cactus on the internet
Atomic Plant (N.Kleinmichel & S.Grätz)Cactus and Succulent Plant Dealer
Audissou Succulent Plantswww.audissou.comFrench Cactus and Succulent Plant Dealer
Botanic Wonderswww.botanicwonders.comCalifornia Nursery specializing in Palms, Cycads, Bonsai and Succulents
The Botanical Rare Seeds and Plants
Cacti and Succulents Ing.Kamil Prochazkawww.kaktusy.comPrague Czech Republic - large cacti and succulent seedlist
Cactoowww.cactoo.comItalian Nursery
Cactus site for Cacti, Succulents and related items
Cactus del Solwww.cactus-sol.comSpanish Nursery
Cactus Hobby and Plants
Cactus Junglewww.cactusjungle.comPlant Dealer - Berkeley, California
Cactus Plazawww.cactusplaza.nlDutch Cactus Nursery
Cactus and Succulent Plant Dealer
Cactus-Nursery.euwww.cactus-nursery.euSeeds & Plants
Cactuslandswww.cactuslands.comCactus and Succulent Plant and Accesories Dealer
Chinese Nurserywww.cntj8.comIn Chinese and English
Cono's Paradisewww.conos-paradise.comCactus and Succulent Plant Dealer
Desert to Tropics Nurserywww.deserttotropics.comAustin, Texas
Divine Cactuswww.divinecactus.comUK Nursery
Djamaswww.djamas.comCactus and Succulent supplier - Cyprus
dutch easy plantwww.dutcheasyplant.nlDutch Nursery
East Austin Succulentswww.eastaustinsucculents.comTexas Plant Vendor
eden-plants Cacti and Succulent Nurserywww.eden-plants.comCactus and Succulent Plant Dealer (Germany)
Exotic Cactus
W.Geissler (UK)stamps/index.htmlStamps, Books and Plants
Glenhirst Cactus and Succulent Plant, Seed, Sundries and Book Vendors Online Nurserywww.gosucculent.comLeading provider of cacti and succulent plants
Hajek Kaktusywww.hajek-kaktusy.czSeeds & Plants Cactus and Succulent Plant Dealer
Hua-Hin-Cactuswww.huahincactus.comCactus and Succulent Plant Dealer in Thailand
Il Sole Rarita Botanischewww.ilsoleraritabotanische.comCactus and Succulent Plant Dealer
Ilgiglio.bizwww.ilgiglio.bizCactus and Succulent Plant Dealer
International Book Researchwww.ibr-book.netItalian Book Dealer
Tony Irons Seedling and Succulent Plant Dealer
Jadepoint Succulentswww.jadepoint.comSucculent Plant Vendor
Kakteen Plappwww.kakteen-plapp.deCactus and Succulent Plant Dealer
Kara Nurserywww.karacactus.comCactus and Succulent Plant Dealer (Oregon)
Kakteen-P.H.-flora: Tillandsia Shopwww.tillandsia-ph.czOn-line Tillandsia Shop
Kim's Cactus Books/ Cactus and Succulent Book Dealer
Gerhard Koehreswww.koehres-kaktus.deCactus and Succulent Seed Dealer
Let's Get Muddywww.letsgetmuddy.netPottery for the Home and Garden
Living Stones Nursery
- Plants for the Southwest
www.lithops.netCactus and Succulent Plant Dealer (Tucson)
Main seeds for your backyard garden
Mexican Hat Cactus Nurseryhttp://mexicanhatcactus.comCactus and Succulent Plant Dealer (California)
Miles' To Gowww.miles2go.comCactus and Succulent Nursery (Arizona)
The MiniaTree Gardenwww.miniatree.comMinature Tree Nursery, Tempe, Arizona
Moon Sun Cactus & Koi Vegas, Nevada nursery
Northwest Cactus and Succulentswww.nwcactus.comOregon Nursery
Ontano Piante Grasseingrosso.piantegrasse.bizPiante Grasse - Ontano Vallecrosia (Italy)
Panarotto Cactus & Succulentewww.panarottocactus.itCactus & Succulent Plant Vendor
Plantemaniawww.plantemania.comCaudiciforms & rare plants
Poots Cactus Nurserywww.pootscactusnursery.comStockton, California Nursery
Pugilandiawww.pungilandia.comCactus and Succulent Plant Dealer
Quality Silk Largest selection of artificial plants on the internet including miniature cactus to large saguaro cactus. You won't beleive your eyes
Rainbow Gardens Nurserywww.rainbowgardens-nursery.comCalifornian Plant Nursery - mainly Epiphyllums
Rare Hoyaswww.rare-hoyas.comHoya Nursery (Hawaii)
Scarascia Cactus & Succulentewww.scarasciacactus.itItalian Cactus and Succulent Plant Vendor
Seedling Servicewww.seedlingservice.comPlant Vendor in the Netherlands
Shoal Creek Plant Vendor
SMG Succulentswww.smgsucculents.comOregon supplier of sempervivums, sedums etc
Southfield Cactus and Succulent Nursery
Specks-Exoticawww.specks-exotica.comSucculent Plant Vendor
Squaw Mountain - Sedums, Sempervivums and other plantswww.squawmountaingardens.comCactus and Succulent Plant Dealer
StarAstrophytum.comwww.starastrophytum.comPlant vendor in the Czech Republic
Starr Nurserywww.starr-nursery.comCactus and Succulent Nursery in Tucson, Arizona
Sticky Situationwww.stickysituation.comCactus and Succulent Plant Dealer
SuccSeedwww.succseed.comCactus and Succulent Seeds
Succulent Tissue Culturewww.succulent-tissue-culture.comDutch Nursery specialised in Tissue Culture
Succulentiawww.succulentia.comPlant vendoe in Phoenix, Arizona
Succulents of Mary and Paulmarypaulsucculenten.nlDutch Cactus and Succulent Plant Dealer
Teedee Cactiwww.teedeecacti.comCalifornia Nursery
Thistledown Greenhousewww.thistledowngreenhouse.comN.E.Wisconsin greenhouse specializing in succulents
Valley Succulentswww.valleysucculents.caCanadian Cactus and Succulent Plant Dealer
Vivaio Corazzawww.vivaiocorazza.comCactus and Succulent Plant Dealer
Viveros del Desiertowww.viverosdeldesierto.netGuanajuato, Mexico supplying Yuccas, Dasylirions, Agaves etc
Waterwise Botanicalswww.daylilyhill.comSouthern California's largest grower of landscape cacti and succulents
Whitton Greenhouseswhittongreenhouses.comWholesale Christmas Cacti
Windowsill Cactuswindowsillcactus.comWindowsill Cactus specializes in cactus varieties as four season houseplants. We provide growing information, and all of our plants come with potting soil designed to increase survival chances and quality of life, while being free of any manufactured chemicals like insecticides.


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